Au Pair Summer!!!

Happy Summer!

Indoor Fun: arts, crafts, cooking, spending a rainy or too hot day inside!

• Put on a puppet shows or put together rubber band and box guitars and create a band.
• Use the video camera and record the children doing plays and shows for you.
• Write comic books.
• Make cards and letters for distant relatives or parents.
• Learn magic tricks and do a magic show.
• Hold a carnival and make carnival games and then invite neighbors over for the carnival.
• Go “camping” inside.
• Build a tent and then go in the tent with flashlights and read books or tell stories.
• Scavenger hunt inside the house on hot days.
• For girls, have “beauty day” where they stay in jammies, have a tea party, then do makeup and manicures.
• Make necklaces out of different shaped noddles (can be colored too).
• Make homemade playdough with the kids.
• Play Brown Bag Bingo
o The kids decorate and fill 2 or 3 bags and you fill the grand prize bag with something special from you and we play many cards of bingo.
• Get a roll of unprinted paper and lay it on the floor; have each child lie on a sheet and then you, or another child, can trace them.
o Then have each child “dress” their paper selves, using crayons (or paint) and draw on their own faces.
• Bake cupcakes, and have assorted frostings and toppings available and let the kids do the decorating.
• Make picture frames.
• Make a bird feeder and watch the birds.
• Write and act a Play. The children can dress up and act out plays.
o Write a simple play with your host children. Ask them to invite their friends to participate. Help them make their costumes, build a “stage” and make up invitations for the parents to come and see it. Perhaps you can include the grand parents, aunts, uncles. Plan some simple refreshments, you can have the children help with that as well.
• International Day! Pick a country you and your host children would like to learn about (yours maybe?).
o Go to the library with them and find some books about that country. As soon as you and your host children have picked a country, learn as much as you can about it. Let’s say you pick Greece. Plan a Greek dinner and try to find appropriate music. Set the table together and then during dinner talk about all the things the children had learned about the country. If you have an artistic host child he or she could make placemats with a map of the country drawn on it. The possibilities and ideas are endless.

• Plan a surprise dinner with your host children for their parents.
o Take them for a walk to pick some flowers and have them help set the table. You can go to the library or on the internet to find recipes the (older) children can help make.

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